Violent Crimes Against Real Estate Agents

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This blog post is dedicated to those in the real estate industry who, while performing their real estate duties, were either killed or severely injured by worthless human beings. May they rest in peace and their families be comforted with their memories.

Real estate is sometimes a dangerous occupation…especially if you are alone in a model home in a new subdivision or showing properties to unknown prospects.

Given the wrong circumstances at the wrong time, it can be downright deadly. About 15 years ago, I recall a couple of agents in a new home subdivision in Acworth, Georgia who were at the model home and a man murdered both of them. He was convicted of the murders but I believe he still is alive today – lucky him but he didn’t give his victims a chance to live.

My hope and prayer is that this senseless killing stops. I also wish that builders install security cameras throughout the model homes so if something happens, they can get a better image for police to track those animals who perform these violent acts of crime. And agents need to be on the alert when single men stumble into the model home with nobody else around.

Real-estate agent showing a home to a prospective buyer was physically assaulted – by the man during an apparent attempt to kidnap her, Tucson police said Tuesday.

Jefferson Parish man convicted of killing real estate agent during Facebook Marketplace sale sentenced to life – Harvey agreed to buy Vindell’s dirt bike through a marketplace app. Instead of a smooth transaction, Harvey showed up armed and with movie prop money. Investigators learned that he never intended to buy the bike. According to the Jefferson Parish District Attorney, Harvey shot Vindel multiple times while he was sitting in the driver’s seat of his sports utility vehicle outside a West Bank apartment complex on the morning of March 7, 2021. He then doused Vindel’s body with gasoline and dumped his car in the Garden District.

Rhode Island real estate agents warn of man who make them ‘uncomfortable’ at listings

Warrenville man charged with kidnapping and assault of real estate agent

Texas to Execute Man for Slaying of Dallas Real Estate Agent

Brampton real-estate agent, media personality attacked in his own driveway | CBC News

Man Sentenced to Life in Prison in Death of Omaha Realtor

Florida real estate agent fatally shot outside home she was showing

Woman Receives Life for Role in Killing of Real Estate Agent – A former probation officer was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison for her role in the kidnapping and killing of a Minneapolis real estate agent.

Here are cases I’ve posted over the years:

Real Estate Agent Fatally Shot In Home He Just Sold

Man tells Portsmouth police he ‘killed his realtor’; death investigation now underway

Ex-probation officer convicted in real estate agent killing

Real estate professional killed, 3 hurt in shooting at OC home after family dispute over property

Two men handed life behind bars for murdering beloved Minnesota real estate agent

2 men found guilty in death of real estate agent – Two men have been found guilty in the death of Monique Baugh, a real estate agent who was kidnapped in Maple Grove and later shot on New Year’s Eve 2019. Baugh’s boyfriend was also shot, but he survived.

According to the criminal complaint, Baugh had been called on her cell phone the afternoon of Dec. 31, 2019, by someone wanting to view a house in Maple Grove.

The Concerning Rise of Real Estate Agent Attacks – the reason so many real estate agents are attacked is because their job requires them to be alone with random members of the public. Many real estate agent attacks are crimes of opportunity, where the assailant notices that the real estate agent is wearing expensive jewelry or has a full pocketbook. Visible signs of wealth therefore make a person more likely to be attacked.

Attacks on Real Estate Agents Are Increasing Every Day – 48 real estate professionals died while on the job in 2017

2 more indicted in Minnesota real estate agent’s 2019 death Prosecutors said Monique Baugh, 28, was lured to a phony home showing in the Minneapolis suburb of Maple Grove, kidnapped and found shot to death in a Minneapolis alley on New Year’s Eve.

DNA confirms ID of man who killed area real estate agent in 1981 Virginia “Ginger” Freeman, 40, was murdered on Dec. 1, 1981, outside a rural Brazos County residence that she had been showing to a prospective client. An autopsy revealed she had been struck on her head, strangled and stabbed.

Philly DA wants to reduce murder charge against student accused of stabbing real estate developer… “The district attorney’s strategic and policy-based decision is that the most likely way to secure a just conviction for this killing is to proceed to trial with a lead charge of voluntary manslaughter….”

More Real Estate Agents Come Forward After Open House Attack

Disturbing Attack on Real Estate Agent Captured on Camera in Encino Los Angeles police are looking for the visitor to a Sunday afternoon open house in Encino who was seen abruptly and violently pushing the real estate agent to the ground and then bending over her as she screamed.

Rapid City man found shot was real estate agent; police probe continues

Attorney accused of killing real estate investor lied to police, documents show The criminal complaint describes what a detective saw while reviewing footage from a neighbor’s home security system differed from the account of the acused.

Attorney accused of killing real estate investor lied to police, documents show An Atlanta attorney charged in the murder of a prominent real estate investor last month told police his alleged victim threw a golf ball at his Mercedes before the deadly encounter, a criminal complaint revealed.

Woman charged in connection with Salt Lake real estate agent’s death

After his arrest, Velasquez said Miller and Stokoe had been arguing through text messages about rent. When Stokoe arrived at the house, the argument continued and Velasquez shot him three to four times, he told police in charging documents. Hernandez allegedly helped the couple move items from the house. She also told a witness that “something had happened and the guy ‘got what he deserved,’” the charges state.

Man who attacked real estate agent in Commerce City threatened her with knife, bear mace, police say

Man arrested in connection to attack on real estate agent in Commerce City

Husband of SoFla real estate broker missing-at-sea sentenced to prison The husband of a South Florida real estate broker was sentenced to eight years in prison for his role in her death during their honeymoon.

Female real estate agents targeted by suspicious man… In recent weeks, at least 15 cases have been reported to law enforcement of an unknown male repeatedly calling Metro Vancouver female real estate agents and making appointments to view listings. He is attempting to have the female agents conduct the showing for him alone, which goes against the policies of many real estate agencies.

Man sentenced to 38 years after abducting, robbing Va. Beach real estate agent… Robbery, Abduction, and two counts of Use of a Firearm….they scheduled an appointment for suspect to view the home later that day. The victim started showing the suspect around the residence until the suspect expressed interest in viewing the detached garage.

Man Shoots Real Estate Agent With Stun Gun At Open House: Police

Self-Defense Weapons for Real Estate Agents
Key Findings from the 2018 National Association of Realtors (NAR) Safety Study

Man charged with assault on real estate agent… charged with second-degree kidnapping and assault on a female, a press release from city police states. Cox is registered as a student at Elizabeth City State University. According to Curtis, the agent said she met the man accused of attacking her at her office. The man claimed he was working with a group looking to invest $25 million in investment properties in the area. The agent decided to show the man a property on Riverside Avenue and had him follow her there, and it was once they were in the house that the man told the agent he was a male porn star, she said.

Real estate agent shot in the face may not have been intended target…It is understood Mr Morgan travelled (or traveled) to Melbourne to help his friend, a building contractor, who was allegedly being threatened by tradesmen and may have been the intended target.

Man convicted of real estate agent’s murder gets life sentence….Blanco killed Sidney Cranston Jr. on June 16, 2015 and buried his body on a ranch east of Kingman. Cranston was missing for 19 months before Bill Sanders, a longtime acquaintance of Blanco, led FBI agents to the body in January 2017. Sanders has since been ordered to serve community restitution and one year probation for his role in concealing Cranston’s body.

Arizona Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for 2015 Killing

Real Estate Agents are now taking measures to protect themselves from armed criminals A 2018 report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed 33 % of those surveyed experienced a situation that made them fear for their safety. Five% reported they’d been the victim of a crime at work. Many realtors, like Smith, are arming themselves. According to the latest NAR survey, 1 in 6 realtors carries a gun.

Boyfriend of dead real estate agent charged with stealing her money

Pregnant real estate agent stabbed to death.

Inman News reported that in 2012 (the latest year for which figures are available), there were 50 workplace fatalities in the real estate industry subcategory. Source:

These cases are but a few and I could list more, but I plan to update this blog post when I encounter another case.

NEWS: Even though a Florida statute has been proposed to increase penalties for crimes against real estate professionals, is this the right thing to do to favor one group of people over another, or equal treatment under the law? I believe it is a knee jerk reaction to real estate professionals complaints. If anything at all, review the penalties for all crimes to see if they are commensurate of the crime.

4-26-2017: Real-estate agent attacked while showing South Bend home.

12-14-2016: Real estate agent shot inside partially renovated home. Residents who live near the home say it has been left partially renovated for about a year. They worry the agent stumbled upon an armed drifter, but police have not released what happened.

10-8-2016: Killer of Dallas-area real estate agent gets execution date.

10-7-2016: Real estate agent stabbed while showing North Las Vegas home.

10-3-2016: Man who beat, bit, stabbed McKinney real-estate agent to death loses appeal to Supreme Court The agent had been beaten, bitten and stabbed and the medical examiner testified at trial that 10 of her 33 stab wounds were fatal.

6-21-2016: Man found guilty of raping real estate agent. Well, it wasn’t a murder, but it was a major crime against a real estate agent.

6-14-2016: Police ask for help solving 36-year-old (1979) murder of real-estate agent.

5-17-2016: 2 men arrested in October shooting that killed real estate agent in San Jose.

3-22-2016: Real estate agent shot dead near home in Lapu in the Philippines. And yes, agents are murdered in other countries too.

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Update 11-4-2015: The Ashley Oakland murder in Des Moines, Iowa on April 8, 2011 “still” remains unsolved.


7-18-2015: Realtors taking huge steps to protect real estate agents

7-7-2015: Woman sentenced to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to first-degree murder and kidnapping charges in the death of 50-year-old Beverly Carter.

6-3-2015: St. Petersburg police searching for man who held two real estate agents at gunpoint . This didn’t result in a murder, but it’s a crime using a gun against a real estate agent – almost as bad!

2-28-2015: The killing of Vern Holbrook, owner of Aspen Real Estate, was premeditated by a man who started plotting to kill Holbrook after his plans to purchase Aspen Real Estate fell through.

2-8-2015: Just a warning to real estate agents… Safety Alert: More Agents Report Strange Calls

12-26-2014: Many Realtor organizations continue to develop training and precautionary warnings for realtor safety. Florida Realtors group released a new 75-minute safety video on Oct. 29 that covers self-protection and tips on avoiding harm. Source:

11-23-2014: Roswell, New Mexico police are investigating the death of a prominent real estate agent – David Duer.

10-5-2014: Just to show you how long this trend of murdering real estate agents has been going on is disclosed by the recent news of the murderer of real estate agent Dorothy Greene in Nevada back in 1989 has just died.

9-30-2014: Arkansas real estate agent found in shallow grave after meeting with fake cash buyer alone at a vacant foreclosure.

8-5-2014: Man Pleads Guilty to Murder of Ohio Real Estate Agent The suspect pleaded guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter, aggravated robbery, aggravated arson, and kidnapping in connection with Martin’s death on Sept. 20, 2010. The real crime here is that it took almost 4 years to nail this scumbag!

—Update 10-2-2014: One of the two killers sentenced to life without parole

—Update 10-1-2014: Should sentencing matter if the convicted murderer of Ohio agent was abused as a child and served in the Military?

—Update: 9-19-2014: Second suspect guilty of killing Youngstown real estate agent

Washington state – Earlier in 2014, 4 people were accused of fatally injuring a 78-year-old Yakima real estate agent while he was showing a home alone. Source:

Update: 10-31-2014: 3 sentenced for ambushing Yakima real estate agent

Iowa Real Estate Agent was murdered in a model home of a new home subdivision. Source:

Texas Murder of real estate agent in a model home in a new subdivision”

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