Water Saving Plumbing Fixture Regulations in Georgia

So far…in the metro Atlanta area, I know of only one county in which the “low-flow” plumbing fixtures is necessary – Dekalb County. Depending on water usage with future growth, I anticipate more counties will institute regulations and move toward water saving fixtures

They are necessary in Dekalb County (see the county ordinance describing requirement) for one major reason…you will not be able to establish water service with the local water authority unless an inspector or plumber has certified, in writing, that the bathrooms in the home have been properly fitted with working low-flow water fixtures (i.e., faucets, shower heads, and toilets).

Source of inspiration for blog post: California’s replacement And Disclosure Of Plumbing Fixtures Required.

Dekalb Code.

Dekalb County Water Department water fixture requirements.

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