What do I tell someone how the real estate market is going?

All real estate is local – you know why? It’s all you know from your own experiences.

Here’s a news story today from the Wall Street Journal that sends a worrisome thought – U.S. Housing Starts Plunge in February.

Here’s another story today from RIS Media that there is a Positive Trend for Home Buyers.

When you have seemingly conflicting information from different sources (such as above) every day how the real estate market is performing, what do you tell your clients and prospects?

Do you tell them you’re selling lots of homes right now (when only a handful of agents are doing that)?

Do you say that prices rise and fall and you don’t know when and which direction prices are rising?

Do you lie and tell them everything is rosy to get a sale?

Do you tell them specific areas are hot today, better buy now before price rises any more?

Do you tell them to “just buy, wait, and your home will be more valuable in a few years after you buy”?

Do you ask them “why” they want to buy a home and what “they” expect out of the home in the future?

Maybe you just force a smile, have that usual empty spaced out glare and tell them “it’s all good – you should buy something”, and then push them into buying and move onto the next client…

I guess it’s worked in the past…for someone….so I’ve been told.

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