Where will all the jobs go?

Are we satisfied with the progress of employment growth?

How about employment losses?

Since the economy sank and the chase was on for illegal immigrants, there seemed to be an exodus of illegal immigrants from the US.  So where “did” all the jobs go?  Are they still there and just not filled?  Will they be filled again with US citizens or illegal immigrants?

What would you prefer?

Since Obamacare will require unemployed US citizens to pay for Obamacare, even with a voucher, will Obamacare require the insurance of illegal immigrants once they return to work?

Either part time or off shore to avoid the impact of Obamacare.

Per an Associated Press article in the 12-29-2010 MDJ (A1), since sales in international markets were growing twice as fast as US domestic sales, demand overseas creates jobs overseas.  Reportedly 1.4 million jobs overseas compared with about 1 million here in the US.

This has resulted in all but 4 of the top 500 US corporations reported profit for 2010 and half the revenue for S&P 500 companies came from outside the US.

Also, it seems that the production of many products moved to overseas facilities aren’t returning to the US.

China became the world’s second largest economy.

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