Youth CareerConnect $100 Million high school technology contest

Thousands of high schools around the US will compete for one of 25-40 ($2-7 Million) Federal grants (that total $100 Million of taxpayer dollars) designed to prepare student for high tech economy of the future. Sources: WSJ, 11-19-2013, A3 and Bloomberg news.

Update 2-4-2015: Can you see where this is going? – see where the $100 million went (a.k.a. Where do Obama’s votes come from and how were the winners picked?) =

But wait, it’s not all free money – applicants would nee to come up with 25% in matching funds to participate…well, does that eliminates alot of the poorer inner-city schools that need training the most?

Doesn’t President Barack Obama care about those schools?

And what business is it of the Federal Government to use tax money for a top down approach? Why not tax people less let the local and State school districts partner with businesses

Note: The President’s $4.35 Billion “Race to the Top” initiative liks teacher evaluations to student test scores and promotes the “Common Core” math and reading standards.

Comment: When you’ve had liberal socialists dumbing down the students for decades into “feel good” professions and avoiding “independent” thinking and respect for the US Constitution, you dumb down kids and don’t stimulate economic growth from education – you create takers and sympathizers of failure.

Source: Bloomberg News

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