2010 repost – Zillow reports $9 Trillion loss in real estate values since 2006…and it ain’t over yet

I haven’t seen the value that has returned since 2011, but many markets are making up some ground, but it take alot more rise in prices than it fell – for instance, if your home values fell 25%, it will take a 33% gain to put you back to normal.

More sliding of values are expected in 2011…

However, I have been hearing that the bottom would hit around Summer 2011, but I have been hearing that about every past summer for 2 years….So in other words, NOBODY knows!

Source: http://www.thebradentontimes.com/news/2010/12/11/business_and_financial/zillow_puts_total_real_estate_losses_at_9_trillion_bleak_2011_forecast_for_florida_market/

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