Your FICO score may drop without you doing a thing!

Even if you’re on time with your payments on everything, your FICO credit score may suffer.

If the bank arbitrarily drops your available line of credit on your bank credit card, your credit score may take a hit for sudden change in balance.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) wants to pressure Fair Issac to change this policy.

NAR also is requesting Fair Issac consider the impact on credit scores of homeowners who had received loan modifications approved under federally backed programs like HAMP.  Currently they treat them harshly as if the mortgage wasn’t paid as originally agreed – this means a deeper drop in score.


Bottom line:  What can you do about it?  Write to the Fair Issac Company; write your congressional Representatives, or sit on your butt and continue to do nothing as usual.

Note: You can always safely order your credit report from

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