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Fun Fact: Impact of Hollywood Movie Industry in Georgia is about $3 Billion and approximately 16,800 equivalent full time jobs (includes full and part time)…bot the $9.5 Billion and 92,000 full time jobs Hollywood professes it is…Source: MDJ, 8-17-19, a4 Organized retail theft is estimated to cost retailers across the country $30 billion a year, according to the National Retail Federation. And a good portion of those losses are passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About How The Future Of Mobility Will Affect Real Estate


Dear Monty: Is your real estate transaction failing?

Google v. Apple: While one takes on the housing crisis, the other stands back

Owning property jointly at death: What Happens?

Renovating older homes can be hazardous to your health

Buyers want a comfortable home, good school

Recession Talk Is Growing — Is It A Bad Time To Invest In Real Estate?

5 Trends That Are Affecting Real Estate Investing:

1. Interest Rates

2. Blockchain

3. Smart Home Technology

4. Millennial Renting Preferences

5. Affordability

Real estate agent warns of phony online review shakedown…criminal posts negative review on internet, then extorts money from unsuspecting agent to eliminate review…

How affordable housing activists are trying to thwart cutthroat real estate capitalism

Housing starts fall 9%, but high permits, low mortgage rates suggest construction slowdown is temporary

8 mistakes that first-home buyers make, and how to avoid them

Avoid These 7 Mistakes that Turn-Off Home Buyers…especially the bad odors!

Opportunity Zones, real estate’s next big thing, fails to attract much investment… Opportunity Zones could raise $100 billion of private capital, the funds analyzed in the study raised just $3 billion of the total $22.7 billion fund managers anticipated.

11 Upcoming Real Estate Trends Poised To Impact Agents And Investors

How affordable housing activists are trying to thwart cutthroat real estate capitalism

Smart homes are the new real estate upsell

Real estate firm in Charlotte adds ghost-busting inspectors for nervous buyers

How much rent can you afford in Atlanta? Based on $25K, $50K, $100K

Looking to rent a home? There are six things that will help or hinder you

Realtor Q&A: This time, Realtors pose the questions

Missouri real estate suit draws Justice Department interest… The Justice Department is looking into a Missouri class-action lawsuit accusing national real estate brokers of conspiring to charge excessive fees.

5 Things First-time Homebuyers Should Ask a Real Estate Agent

Don’t sell Realtor short in home-buying, selling process

Should You Buy a New or Older Home?

Real Estate Corner: Learning from a failed sale…price; property condition, marketing and Buyer expectations?

In Destin, Florida….and other places…Military plays role in local housing market

A recession is coming? Nobody told housing stocks

FTC Acts Against Company Using Celebrity Endorsements, Bogus Earnings Claims to Sell Real Estate Seminars

Bulletin from Georgia Fire and Insurance Commissioner – Public Adjusters, Roofing Contractors and Homeowners

FMLS Provides Superior Technology, Service, Training to Agents

How Doubling Up With Saturday and Sunday Open Houses Can Sell Your Listing Faster

6 tips for millennial homebuyers from realtors across the countryfinances— long-term—must haves—questions

Things Renters Should Do Before Signing a Leasedetails – get them in writing—fees—utilities—changes research—deductions from your security deposit

Failure to Confirm Can Result in Fraud Claims against agents Real estate agent described the woods as a protected greenbelt based on second-hand information and failed to confirm with the appropriate entities

Remine launches MLS by Remine, a modern MLS system built for today’s real estate reality

Will the real estate business become dystopian?

How Tax Reform Impacted Home Sales… it remained to be seen exactly how much of the recent home sales decline was due to “higher interest rates versus changes in tax law.”

Brokers will now be posting how much the agent representing the buyer gets as a commission when a house is sold. ….Washington State property listings can now show commissions?

Dear Monty: Owning real estate with no will or estate plan is problematic

Things Renters Should Do Before Signing a Lease

4 ways real estate professionals can use Twitter


How to Gift Real Estate

ZILLOW – The real-estate listing website has inked partnerships with multiple home builders that will allow home buyers who buy a newly constructed home from one of the builders to sell their current house directly to Zillow’s iBuying arm, Zillow Offers.

Organized retail theft is estimated to cost retailers across the country $30 billion a year, according to the National Retail Federation. And a good portion of those losses are passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

5 Innovative Materials for Custom Home Builders

  • Fiber Cement
  • ICF
  • Modular Bamboo
  • Nanocrystal
  • Hydroceramics

New Appraisal Threshold for Residential Real Estate Loans

How do Investors Impact Homeownership? “According to a recent New York Times story, investors purchased one-fifth of all single-family starter homes that sold in 2018. Starter homes were defined as the bottom third priced homes in the local market.”

How Artificial Intelligence and IoT are transforming real estate… Yardi designs, develops and supports software solutions for real estate owners and managers. Its products are available for nearly every real estate vertical, including commercial, residential, investment management, homeowners associations, student housing, construction and more.

IRS Finalizes 199A Rental Real Estate Safe Harbor – Will iBuyers form companies that qualify for this 20% business income deduction?

The 10 trends that will shape real estate in 2020

“Everyone is at risk”: Better Business Bureau warns of dramatic rise in real estate fraud. A new real estate email scam has cybercriminals cashing in. Losses have soared from $360 million in 2016 to $1.3 billion last year.

New Zillow Offers Partnership with Homebuilders Simplifies Buying a New Home

AOC’s $16.5B housing plan is really bad for real estate

Ask an Expert – Beware of Consumer Real Estate Scams

Attention real estate investors – Why hire an accountant?

Millennials Are Risking Their Retirement To Buy Homes millennials now represent the largest share of the home buying market. And contrary to popular belief, millennials actually do want to buy homes. But given the financial hardships many are facing, they often resign themselves to renting for the long term.

FEMA is updating it’s flood maps….be careful about getting flood insurance! Talk with your insurance professional before buying or selling your home to understand impact.

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The many decisions when you inherit a home

Work trend impacting real estate

Property tax hike ‘still on the table,’ Lightfoot says…Democrats create problems they like to solve with higher taxes and effectively justify it with class warfare.

IBM sues Zillow, accuses the real estate giant of building key features using Big Blue’s tech

Gen Y is relying less on mom and dad for mortgage help

Home shoppers looking to purchase a new construction home can now sell their existing home to Zillow and enjoy an extended closing time — up to eight months — while their new home is being built

Fannie Mae Turns Bullish on Construction, Best Levels Since May… Fannie Mae is growing bullish on housing and says the third quarter started off in line with their earlier expectations.The authors add that their survey data does not suggest enough of a shift in the existing home supply to alleviate overall supply constraints.  Inventories of existing homes, which had increased on an annual basis for ten months, fell in July for the second time in as many months. The 1.6% decline brought the inventory down to its lowest point since Fannie Mae first tracked it. 

The 10 trends that will shape real estate in 2020

HIGHER Mortgage Rates Despite Fed Rate CUT. Here’s Why The main reason for confusion is the fact that there’s a huge difference from an investment standpoint between a rate that governs the shortest-term transactions (The Fed Funds Rate applies to loans that last for 1 day or less) and a rate that can remain in effect for up to 30 years in the case of mortgages.

Heavily funded real estate startup Compass moves in on Amazon with big new Seattle tech center

What Is a Buyer’s Market—and What Does It Mean If You’re Buying, Selling, or Just Looking?

Enticed by low mortgage rates? Here are other factors you should weigh when determining whether to buy.

6 Ways To Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

These homes are driving the millennial real estate market for millions for buyers interested in personal health and wellness.Farm-to-table is another hot sell.

Follow the rules in divorce decree, or pay the price…the choices are tough but clear here.

Why millennials are investing in real estate online

The U.S. isn’t building enough houses — and that’s not changing anytime soon, economists say

Real Estate Agents use Marketing Automation

All Things Real Estate: Seller obligated to disclose lease of solar roof system (This may be a California issue, but in Georgia, be careful because the Buyer is obligated by contract to investigate…)

Reality-star-turned-fraudster highlights the risks of house flipping…hint: Don’t get overextended.

Renting vs. Owning: The former is getting more expensive… rent prices are through the roof in many metros. Rent values have risen for nine straight months and are up year-over-year in 49 of the country’s top 50 markets

One HOA rule requires real estate agents to break state law…All the signs are individually customized for different homeowners associations. HOAs have rules that often include what types of signs residents can place in their yards.

REAL ESTATE MATTERS: Paying bills doesn’t guarantee home ownership

Report predicts stable real estate market recession or no recession … Only 4% of mortgages in the U.S. were 30 days or more past due as of June 2019a national mortgage delinquency rate that is currently at a 20-year low, a continuation of a 7-month downward trend in foreclosure rates.

Lockbox Manufacturer Partners With Real Estate Brokerages, Agents

Real estate Q&A: Can a creditor take a house I just inherited? Yes and no.

Why buying and selling a house could soon be as simple as trading stocks… Artificial intelligence in housing could completely change the way we buy, sell and live

2 Hawaii real estate companies fined for failing to disclose lead paint

Millennials pose challenge to real estate values …The average millennial has 40 percent less wealth today than the average Gen Xer did in 2001 and 20 percent less than a Baby Boomer at the same age, according to the Federal Reserve.

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers Is Preparing Its Attack Against the Decline of Black HomeownershipThe current homeownership rate for Blacks stands at 40.6%.  In comparison, the Non-Hispanic White homeownership rate for the same time period (as of 2nd quarter 2019) is 73.1%.  As a result of these sobering stats,President Williams has declared war on the decline of Black homeownership in America starting immediately.

Real Estate Wire Fraud Has Devastating Effects

Will Zillow Offers Revolutionize Real Estate?

Important Tips to Consider Before Choose a Suitable Home Loan

Treasury Rolls Out Huge Fannie/Freddie Reform Plan

General Proposals

  • The existing Government support of the secondary market should be explicitly defined, tailored, and paid-for, and the 11-year conservatorship of the GSEs should come to an end.
  • Reforms should enhance taxpayer protections against future bailouts by ensuring that the GSEs and their successors are appropriately capitalized to withstand a severe economic downturn and ensure that shareholders and unsecured creditors, rather than taxpayers, bear any losses.
  • Private sector competition in the housing finance system will be encouraged by leveling the playing field.

REAL ESTATE MATTERS: When a seller disclosure form isn’t accurate, should you sue?

Most real estate news feeds are designed to hype you into buying real estate…just don’t listen to the hype…listen to your heart and mind…when it’s right time for you to buy or sell, you’ll know.

Home Real Estate Market Remains Strong Despite Airbnb Bill…Is your state contemplating this legislation?

How big data could help make it easier for landlords to evict you

New Army IG report paints a bleak-as-hell picture of privatized military housing

Opendoor, online house-flipper, buys title company OS National in bid to own more of residential real estate market

Economy: Are We Headed for Negative Interest Rates? Impact of Negative Rates For one, if the overnight lending rate went negative, banks would have to “pay” the central bank for the privilege of storing their reserves. That would take a bite out of bank profits, although they could, conceivably, pass along those costs to their own customers. In other words, bank customers would pay the bank for holding on to their money in a savings account.

Will I owe buyer’s agent if I cancel contract to sell my home?

How do Investors (i.e., iBuyers) Impact Homeownership? According to a recent New York Times story, investors purchased one-fifth of all single-family starter homes that sold in 2018. Starter homes were defined as the bottom third priced homes in the local market

5 Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2019

Nursing home asks judge to stop real estate transfer…This raises an interesting point whether or not nursing/nursing home services at your residence (or at their place operations) have a legitimate claim against your residence if invoices remain unpaid and families attempt to shelter assets before death so as to avoid paying the debts…Any elder law attorney want to answer this area of law? This blog post from an attorney in Pennsylvania is interesting: 4 Strategies to Protect Your Assets From Nursing Home Costs …not sure what Georgia elder law says about assets.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Your House?

Yes, Mortgage Rates are Lower and 10yr Yields are Higher Today

Redfin is now publishing real estate agent commissions on listings

Is it moral to use lethal means to protect property?

REAL ESTATE MATTERS: Buying rental property as a gateway to home ownership…if you can find one…and the right one…at the right time…for the right price…and compete with the iBuyers cash buyers…sure!

Can You Get a Mortgage Without Tax Returns?

Opendoor launches new mortgage offering…. The new mortgage division, called Opendoor Home Loans, will debut in Arizona and Texas before rolling out nationwide. Opendoor said the program has already been running as a pilot in Texas for the last few months, and has shown that it can help cut closing times by roughly half, from an average of 45 days to just 27 days.

Black-Owned Real Estate Development Company Fights Gentrification In Atlanta…privet industry solution = 210 affordable living units for $22 million investment…In August, Wells Fargo announced that it would invest $1 billion over the next five years for the creation of affordable housing. “We will address three key issues in underserved communities that have been plagued by the lack of affordable housing – housing affordability, financial health and small business growth,” Candy Moore, Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo’s Community Relations and Southeast Community Development, told The Atlanta Voice

Renting to prospective buyers if closing is delayed can be tricky

Airbnb boom in Beaufort area makes housing shortage worse, group says. What they propose

Millennials can’t afford real estate — destined to remain sad apartment dwellers

Why America’s real-estate brokers are such a rip-off

5 ways homebuyers view the real estate market

Home Price Gains Trending Down to “Sustainable Levels”

Here are the best markets for real estate… the best and worst markets for real estate, courtesy of WalletHub…. the study found that the the best overall city to purchase a house is Boise, Idaho….On the other end of the list was Newark, New Jersey.

iBuyers: Is The Convenience Worth The Cost? … The “i” stands for “instant”.  This is happening across the country…Zillow, Opendoor, Knock, OfferPad, etc…are some of many “cash” investors offering people a quick way to sell their homes in generally good condition without agents, normally at a discount for repairs/upgrades and a fee. They capture those sellers interested in just getting out of a property ownership and may not want to take time to market their homes for sale (i.e., don’t want the inconvenience) or have the resources to spend for those repairs/updates to get their properties ready for the current market quality and conditions demands. Each company has a slightly different profit model, but according to this Forbes article, the iBuyer will typically charge a full commission, plus build in a discount to fair value to compensate for the risk they take by providing you with “instant” liquidity. Some estimate that these costs can add up to more than 10% of the fair market value of a home compared to 5-6% in commissions with a traditional agent.

New texting scam targets Boise real estate agents

Real Estate Advice: Use more than Zillow for real estate estimates

Amazon hasn’t yet caused the massive increase in Virginia real estate sales….but it will soon.

2 questions missed most when interviewing Realtors…hint: market trends and improve your skills and capabilities.

Appraisal Threshold to be Raised for First Time in 25 Years … When the rule become effective, mortgages on 1 to 4 family homes sold for $400,000 or less may be exempt from an appraisal; the current level is $250,000. 

A Home Maintenance Checklist for Every Season

What are the differences between real estate agents and brokers? … real estate agents are professionally licensed individuals who can help both buyers and sellers. Real estate brokers are those professionals who have continued their education past the agent level and obtained a broker’s license.

Short sale versus foreclosure…A short sale happens when a homeowner owes more on the mortgage balance than the market value of the property when the owner needs to sell…A foreclosure is a legal process that occurs when a borrower cannot make mortgage loan payments for a significant period of time…But the difference may or may not stop there based on my experiences.

People power: A growing number of groups are flipping the Bay Area’s insane housing market on its head…crowdfunding of affordable housing

Realtor sues real estate board over investigation into Bible verses on webpage

How Senior Citizens Are Impacting The Real Estate Market… August 21st was National Senior Citizens Day …

Highlights from NAR’s report:

  • Buyers ages 54 to 63 had higher median household incomes and were more likely to be married couples.
  • 12% of buyers ages 54 to 63 are first-time homebuyers, 5% (64 to 72), and 4% (73 to 93).
  • Buyers ages 54 to 63 purchased because of an interest in being closer to friends and families, job relocation, and the desire to own a home of their own.
  • Sellers 54 years and older often downsized and purchased a smaller, less expensive home than the one they sold.
  • Sellers ages 64 to 72 lived in their homes for 21 years or more.

Opinion: Will newly lowered interest rates push home prices back up?

REAL ESTATE MATTERS: Can you transfer home ownership with back taxes due?

4 Reasons Why Property Management Businesses Are Thriving

California Real estate market, insurance policies affected by increasing wildfire incidents… Insurance companies are being more cautious and some are even leaving the State of California. They’re not doing business here, then this is an important factor for sellers to consider.

How to effectively use social media for real estate

Will tech make realtors obsolete? Investors debate the future of real estate… Real estate companies such as Zillow, Redfin, Opendoor, Compass, and others are investing heavily in the burgeoning “iBuyer” market that lets people quickly buy and sell homes online. Those transactions still require a real estate agent. …But what about investor groups like WeBuyHouse, OpenDoor, or OpenHouse who make cash offers to homeowners not willing to repair or ready their homes for market? Many of these homes wind up as rentals and are removed from the “available inventory” of resale homes.

Amazon Is About to Disrupt the Real Estate Industry…last month, it teamed up with Realogy Holdings Corp. (NYSE: RLGY) to refer potential buyers to Realogy agents via its joint TurnKey program. Amazon is not selling real estate, but it will, thanks to its enormous reach, funnel potential buyers into Realogy.

New Report Reveals 5 Leading Uses Of Real Estate Software – Plus The Top Real Estate Development Companies

Real estate: Builders design homes with roommates in mind…Homes that are built with full bathrooms off every bedroom also could be used by retired individuals to live together and cut living expenses, but local zoning laws could prohibit the number of unrelated persons living in a dwelling.

Rules for Home Buyers Working With Real Estate Agents

According to NAR’s report, 58% of buyers ages 64 to 72 said they need help from an agent to find the right home. How Senior Citizens Are Impacting The Real Estate Market

Appraisers in Real Estate.. What’s Their Role??

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)… Laws like this are coming to a State near you soon… I WILL keep your identity and personal information secure and WILL NOT release it to anyone without your permission… Amazon Google Apple Netflix and other employees relocating to Atlanta can be assured of my fiduciary responsibility of non-disclosure.

Note: Laws like this are coming to a State near you soon…I WILL keep your identity and personal information secure and WILL NOT release it to anyone without your permission… Amazon  Google  Apple  Netflix and other employees relocating to Atlanta can be assured of my fiduciary responsibility of non-disclosure.

Note: What is the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 and How Does it Affect Marketers?

Why Every Real Estate Pro Should Have Their Own Website

Real Estate Market Strengthens as Mortgage Rates Continue to Drop

5 Things First Time Buyers Don’t Pay Attention to Buying a New House

the FHFA, as overseer of Freddie and Fannie, set out criteria on credit scoring models. The Federal Housing Finance Agency issued a final rule on validation and approval of third-party credit score models that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac use in deciding whether to purchase residential mortgage loans.… Last week the FHFA, as overseer of Freddie and Fannie, set out criteria on credit scoring models. The Federal Housing Finance Agency issued a final rule on validation and approval of third-party credit score models that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac use in deciding whether to purchase residential mortgage loans. Each GSE must publish its description of its validation and approval process for evaluating applications from credit score model developers, consistent with the FHFA’s framework. VantageScore LLC is eligible to apply for consideration by the GSEs….Also, the FHFA indicated that it expects Classic FICO, the score the GSEs have relied on for 12 years, to meet the criteria for approval “based on its history of use.” – see FHFA Publishes Final Rule on Validation and Approval of Credit Score Models

Real Estate and Renewable Energy Projects: Common issues and due diligence for developers

Millennials Compete With Seniors for Prime Real Estate

Florida Lawsuit Alleges Real Estate Broker Failed to Pay Commission to His Partners on $56M Property


Real Estate and Title companies in Redding are trying to help buyers avoid scammers

Housing crisis motivates innovative, new approaches – Taking advantage of the continued decline of retail tenant leases, our research and development concept, ReHabit, proposes reusing vacant big-box retail spaces to create self-sustaining transitional housing.

Can you buy a house without a Realtor? Should you?

Previous unpaid property tax bill comes back to bite new homeowner.

Solano Real Estate Scene: Benchmark 10-year note helps drive mortgage loan rates

6 tips to sell your house before the end of the year

“Interest”-ing: Low Rates and Refinancing

Christian real estate agent sues Virginia regulatory board after complaint over religious content

All Things Real Estate: It’s up to you to get a survey to determine lot size

California thinks of ways it can drive more business out of the state…

Under the proposed initiative, county assessors would split their tax rolls into two lists. Homeowners and some small businesses would still receive the full Proposition 13 benefits: a 1% tax based on a property’s purchase value and annual tax increases of no more than 2%.

New FHA Rule Will Ease Condo Approval Process. Of the more than 150,000 condominium projects in the U.S., only 6.5% are approved to participate in FHA’s mortgage insurance programs. 

The new rule, which becomes effective on October 15, will allow a homebuyer to obtain an FHA mortgage for an individual condo unit in an unapproved condominium project if that project is completed and meets the following criteria:

  • In a development with fewer than 10 units, no more than two can be insured by FHA.
  • In a development that exceeds 10 units, a maximum of 10 percent can be insured by the FHA.
  • A minimum of 50 percent of project units must be owner-occupied.

Social Skills: Is Nextdoor the Newest Real Estate Portal?

All of the stocks are tumbling — except real estate

Housing starts slump 4% in July, but there’s one silver lining for the real-estate market

CBRE: Yield-Curve Inversion Raises Alarms; Real Estate Remains Safe Bet

Here’s the real reason why U.S. home prices haven’t been smashed

How Will Technology Impact Real Estate?

6 things real estate agents know that house-hunters don’t, according to the country’s top experts

Opinion: The single best investment for the next decade

Why You Should Never Invest in Real Estate

NYU professor rakes in millions from sweet real estate deal with school

Dear Monty: My real estate taxes doubled – is this legal?

Moran seeks answers on Federal Reserve’s efforts to limit real estate wire fraud

Hiring a relative to list your home?

These companies are trying to predict what climate change will do to real estate investments

Consumer Advocates Warn Homebuyers About ‘Disruptive’ Real Estate Business Models

Will Real Estate Subscription Services Be the Next Big Thing? It offers investors a subscription-like plan to purchase or sell as many properties as they like regardless of the sale price or square footage for a fixed fee. Giving the real estate investor ability to flip properties with more control over their bottom line.

Zillow tax error frustrates Cuyahoga County home buyers, sellers

15 Signs You Should Get Another Home Inspection

Unlicensed Real Estate Agents Growing At An Alarming Phase

Fed cuts interest rates: What it means for the housing market

Could your real estate agent be a sex offender? You likely would never know

3 Tips to Protect Real Estate Agents & Firms from Cybercrime

Why a home inspection is necessary.

Is hiring a real estate agent worth it?

5 First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Why it could get more difficult for Americans to get approved for a mortgage

The Dark Side of Opportunity Zones  

Tampa Bay condo owners say their association is a ‘shill’ for a billionaire real estate company

California property taxes lower than many states’ simply due to suppressed property tax assessments from Prop. 13 which artificially keeps taxes too low to pay for state costs

REAL ESTATE MATTERS: Selling a home ‘as-is’ does not eliminate your need to disclose defects

The TurnKey program is initially launching in Phoenix; Los Angeles; Sacramento, California; San Francisco; Denver; Tampa & Orlando, Florida; Atlanta; Chicago; Minneapolis; Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas-Fort Worth; Houston; Seattle; and Washington, D.C.

Real Estate Agents Not Always Glad to Serve Millennials

Amazon launches real estate agent matching service with free product incentives

Real Estate Agents Say the Internet Increases Marketing Costs, Decreases Productivity

IRS Issues New Safe-Harbor Rule for Real Estate

You paid off your mortgage. What happens to the promissory note?

New real estate report is bad news for first-time buyers

Zillow rolls out its Zillow Offers homebuying program in Colorado Springs


The United States Real Estate Appraisal Market (2019-2023) Featuring Profiles on Key Players: CoreLogic, Real Matters, Wells Fargo & Company, and JP Morgan Chase & Co –

Are real estate referral fees ethical?

Discount notes with Dyches Boddiford

Americans still think they can make money flipping houses

Realtor® Survey Shows Decline in Foreign Investment in U.S. Residential Real Estate

FBI numbers show closing cost scams on the rise nationwide but losing steam in Washington

It’s probably time to kiss that housing market rebound good-bye

Flooded homes go up for sale in real estate market

Zillow sues Kentucky over access to real estate records

Can I walk away fo m a real estate contract?

New Redfin-Opendoor ‘iBuying’ partnership: another transformation in how you sell your house

Housing-market distress is at its lowest in at least 20 years — can it hold?

Real estate group ALTA warns members of possible data breach

Wise and Not So Wise Refinancing Choices

All Things Real Estate: Landlord would be responsible if he knew pit bull was dangerous

Real estate charges you should anticipate for your next loan

How to Invest in Real Estate Using an FHA Loan

Real estate group ALTA warns members of possible data breach

A disagreement about the composition of Homeowner association (HOA) boards

No contingencies, no problem: How to land a home in a tough housing market

Excellent question for any homeowner…especially those who house violent dogs…

ALTA Spearheads Launch of Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud

Remax: Tips for negotiating In a seller’s market

Buying a Home Costs More Than the Purchase Price

13 Reasons U.S. Real Estate Market Is Stronger Than You Think

Nearly 30,000 individuals and companies around Tampa Bay didn’t pay their property taxes last year

Millennials spur suburban population growth

The next housing bubble could come from this technology

Real Estate Advice: Who pays for special assessment

Realtor Q&A: Should you sell to those ‘we’ll buy your home in …’ firms?

All Things Real Estate: CC&Rs aren’t magic, they’re like lawsIs it the responsibility of the Realtor to inform the potential buyers that there are CC&Rs?

Mortgage rates are dropping — so why aren’t more people buying homes?

First-time home seller? Closing costs you need to be aware of…(not so sure that you need to pay for title insurance as a seller…)

Painful lessons’ as real estate industry pushes for protections

The pros and cons of inheriting real estate

A Nobel Prize-winning economist and Yale professor explains why buying a big house is a waste of money

As Fed mulls rate cuts, real estate enjoys the good times but fears bad times ahead

Calgary father of woman murdered at open house has warning for Alberta real estate companies, realtors

When problems arise for new homeowners, who’s really to blame?

Investors are flipping housing markets, and buyers are reeling

Understanding tax obligations when you buy real estate

Baby Boomers Built Big, But Now Nobody is Buying

Mortgage rates are dropping — so why aren’t more people buying homes?

5 signs home prices could be rolling over again

All Things Real Estate: CC&Rs aren’t magic, they’re like laws

Real Estate Pros Say These Design Trends Don’t Work

WSJ: More buyers are using down payment assistance programs

3 reasons real estate is a lousy retirement investment: Location, location, location

Who is responsible for cost of fallen tree?

Home flipping rate hits 9-year high — and that could foretell troubles in the housing market

Smart tips for first-time homebuyers

B.C. realtor suspended after letting buyer move cash into her own bank account, avoiding regulators

Beware of Real-Estate Scams

Husband of SoFla real estate broker missing-at-sea sentenced to prison

What The Bond Market And Real Estate Market Are Telling Investors

Top 10 Home Upgrades to Sell Home for More

How Banks, Real Estate, and Insurance Companies Crush The People

A new era for home-buying: How Zillow, Redfin and their rivals plan to revolutionize real estate, again

Security flaw exposes 885 million First American real estate documents

Contracts have consequences — and they can bite

U.S. Opens Antitrust Probe of Real Estate Brokerage Industry

Real estate study finds vacant homes sell for less

More tips for first-time home buyers

Real Estate Advice: More tips for first-time home buyers

Lawsuits over who should pay buyer’s agent could upend housing market

You’re Not Being Replaced by AI

Multiple Offers on a House: Insight for Buyers Facing a Bidding War

When it comes to money laundering in real estate, there are more unknowns than knowns

How to handle unexpected discoveries during an inspection

Three Charts Show Struggle Is Real for Millennial Home Buyers

The internet didn’t shrink 6% real estate commissions. But this lawsuit might

U.S. home prices fall first time since 2012

WSJ: Fannie and Freddie-backed homeowners are deeper in debt

Are Your Real Estate Documents Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo says the financial crisis wasn’t his fault: ‘We did what we felt was right’

Dos and don’ts for selling a home in 2019

11 Things to Know About Selling Your Home in Spring and Summer

Another real estate evolution: new Redfin program will enable home purchases with no agent… The company launched Redfin Direct as a pilot program in Boston in March, and first formally announced the venture in its first-quarter earnings release Wednesday.

Real Estate Round-Up: Is your Realtor invested in Fallbrook? Does your realtor own a house?

Real Estate Startups Raise Massive Rounds To Change The Way People Buy and Sell Homes…In 2018, U.S.-based real estate companies as a whole raised a combined $4.99 billion across 105 transactions, according to Crunchbase data. While that’s down from the $5.8 billion raised in 95 deals in 2017, it’s still a staggering 10 times higher than the $520 million raised by such startups in 2013, as you can see in the chart below.

You should be able to sell a home within a handful of clicks’: Silicon Valley is coming for your house

Days on Market is more than just a real estate data point…Does it signal market demand? Does it mean the price is set too far above market? If short, does it signal low price in market?

Will Agents Survive Real Estate Web 3.0? (The Short Answer Is No)

Property taxes rising: Here’s what you need to know

Renton police warn of real estate scam targeting the elderly

What are your options for missed Mortgage Payments

KC real estate agent thwarts rental scam on one of her listings

3 challenges facing first-time homebuyers this spring


Key things to consider before investing in real estate…like financing, affordable housing rules, etc…

Key Millennial Real Estate Trends

Property Report: Don’t let your brain play tricks on your real estate decisions

Benefits of Using a Licensed Real Estate Agent

Homeownership costs: Don’t forget about property tax

How Does Roof Replacement Impact Your Home’s Value?

Proposal to double Vermont real estate fees surprises some agents, brokers…could this happen in your state, county, or municipality?

Who do you need to inform when you move? Don’t forget your doctor and dentist too.

Mortgage fraud comes in various shapes and sizes…CoreLogic, which claims to possess the nation’s largest mortgage application database and owns patented risk analytics that incorporate a predictive scoring technology, works to identify and reduce the risk of fraud for its consortium members.

Some first time homebuyer tips….There are some “hidden costs” associated with buying a home. Closing costs, or fees included at the closing of a real estate transaction, can include a number of charges such as appraisal and attorney fees, recording fees, title and escrow charges.

Tell your buyers everything

Real Estate Marketing Skills Agents Should Master

Metro Atlanta cities wrestle with whether to ban Airbnb or cash in… As Atlanta’s tourism booms, so too does the market for short-term rental stays through services like Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway. But some city governments have tightened their grip on the services, making homeowners apply for a permit and pay taxes like a hotel or motel.

The Unexpected Opportunity In Today’s Real Estate Market

How to Protect Yourself from Procuring Cause Claims… The purpose of procuring cause law is to reward an agent who initiated an uninterrupted chain of events that lead to a sale. 

Get Help From Your Real Estate Agent In Appealing Tax Assessment

5 Reasons The Self-Build Market Is Booming

Homeownership across America is on the decline for the first time since 2017, and millennials are partially to blame

These features could boost your home’s sale price by over 30%

Homeownership across America is on the decline for the first time since 2017, and millennials are partially to blame

Creating Client Connections: How Realtors® Are Using .realestate Domains to Support Next-Level Marketing

Home and Real Estate Weekly: What to repair before you list your home

What’s dragging down the value of your home?

Boomerang buyers: More people who lost homes during housing crisis are buying again

The difference between an assessment and an appraisal… appraisal determines the current market value of a home…assessment is quite different from an appraisal because it does not reflect the actual market value of a home .

Overall, massive tax overhaul hasn’t hurt home values

Will the mortgage debt foregiveness exemption be extended again for 2018 or 2019?

2019’s Housing Market Is Likely to Be Stronger Than We Thought—Here’s Why

Net Neutrality could “Make or Break” Real Estate

Insight into real estate commissions

Selling a home without a real estate agent.In retrospect, Mansinghani said, he would’ve done one thing differently. On the MLS listing, he had stated that he would pay only a 1 percent commission to the buyer’s agent, rather than the usual 2.5 to 3 percent.

Declining home prices provide another sign that real estate boom may be ending…in Maine, but in your state too?

Where’s the Real Estate Market Heading?

Sell your home with a Realtor or an algorithm? Maybe both

Renters more likely to be ‘cost burdened’ than homeowners…What it means is that homeowners are less “cost burdened” than renters. Around 27% of homeowners with a mortgage were considered to be cost burdened in 2017, which is defined as spending 30% or more of their income on housing expenses. But 46% of renters also fall into that category, CoreLogic said.

Asking price could be why you’ve had no offers on your house

Buyer considers pursuing case against seller for misrepresentation… Three months ago, I bought a house. I didn’t have a septic inspection….

What kind of residential real estate can get you higher rental return on investment?

Zillow uses VR to try to make online real estate more authentic

What happens when a big business tries to take over and rename a neighborhoodWhat happens when a big business tries to take over and rename a neighborhood?

Zillow sues real estate rival Compass over non-compete violation and stolen intellectual property

Don’t be a fool! Work with a buyer’s real estate agent.

Is this Canadian trend coming to America? Realtors oppose mandatory sharing of offers among competing home buyers

What single home-buyers should know

Should Home Sellers Use a Real Estate Team or a Single Agent?

Taxing Issues in the World of Real Estate Investors
The basics of real estate investing taxes are quite simple—organization and preparation. Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 introduced a new 20 percent pass-through deduction allowing certain business owners to deduct 20 percent of qualified business income if your taxable income is below $157,500 if single, or $315,000 if married.

How do you increase participation to amend covenants?…possibly extend the time to vote to contact those who didn’t?

Zillow begins buying and selling homes in Dallas… “Zillow Offers is helping transform the real estate transaction by giving consumers more of what they want – a seamless, convenient way to sell and buy a home, and on a timetable that they control,” said Zillow Brand President Jeremy Wacksman.

Will Real Estate E-Brokerages Destroy Traditional Brokerages?

How to become a real estate agent

5 Real Estate Mistakes That Could Make You Lose Money

3 ways to invest in real estate when you don’t have loads of cash

Real estate commissions are negotiable, no matter what any lawsuit says
8. Defendants’ conspiracy has kept buyer broker commissions in the 2.5 to 3.0 percent range for many years despite the diminishing role of buyer brokers.

5 Things Real Estate Agents Should Know About New Construction Projects… For buyers, purchasing new construction can be intimidating. Often, they will deal with the builder’s own sales agent. The buyers, in turn, need their own agent who will look after their best interests. Without one, they will be exposing themselves to a lot of risks with what is usually their most significant investment.

Except where the huge volume of international drug money is involved, then this article is somewhat relevant…but I repeat, there has to be a huge amount of illegal, international drug money laundering in real estate…the stakes and hiding places are just to big to fail…

Climate Change Will Crush Real Estate Values for Investors Who Don’t Prepare, New Report Says

Real estate has no plans for effect of climate chang…the real estate industry has been slow to adopt standards to deal with the rising threat, according to a study published this week by the Urban Land Institute, a nonprofit education and research institute and Heitman, a real estate investment firm.

Opendoor is using a $1,000 credit to nudge buyers toward its partner agents and homes

Realtor ordered to pay $6,500 after claiming 1976 home built in 2006

Underwater Homeowners Association underscores worries about rising sea levels in Miami

Fannie’s decision to use real estate agents as appraisers is risky … Fannie Mae is now relying on real estate agents (not licensed appraisers) to measure and take photographs to determine property values for some mortgage refinances.

The Decline Of The Traditional Brokerage: Where Is Real Estate Heading?

Home Buyers (And Sellers) Much More Upbeat in March

Moving To A 55 and Older Community: Is It Right For You?

Why You Should Take Your Real Estate Agent’s Advice

Housing crisis makes it more possible for millennials

Senate confirms Mark Calabria as head of Fannie, Freddie regulator

Facebook sets its sights on housing. Should Zillow be worried?

I signed my house over to my daughter. How do I reverse that?Many people forget to actively transfer the title to their home into their living trusts. If they forget to take this last step, the title remains in their name; when they die, the property usually will have to go through probate court to transfer the title of the home.

Need cash? Now you can sell the equity in your home to investors

6 Things Your Real Estate Agent Won’t Tell You…
1. You Can Get a Better Mortgage Rate Shopping Around
2. Open Houses Aren’t That Effective
3. Bigger Agents Means Less Attention
4. You Can’t Sell Your Home Without an Agent
5. Your Home Is Priced Too High
6. The Real Estate Commission Is Negotiable

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reform should put American taxpayers first

Home prices are about to heat up again as interest rates fall

Amazon is using smaller warehouses in big cities to efficiently fulfill orders

Georgia House Bill 346, which when signed by Governor Kemp, will attempt to protect the tenant against retaliatory actions by a landlord who has not sufficiently provided a clean, safe living space to the tenant? We only hope so…time will tell….Landlord-Tenant rules in Georgia

Some thoughts… Start the mortgage process of reviewing various mortgage lenders to see if any favorable specific programs fit your specific situation, how the interest rates, closing fees and costs, and other stipulations you will comply with under different loans. Rule of thumb, see as many lenders as you can within a 2 week period and the hit to your credit score will be minimal. Also, don’t overextend yourself and borrow more than you can reasonably afford. In addition, if you plan to be in the home for a long time, consider the option of “buying down” your interest rate at closing – ask your lender early about the cost of how you can reduce your interest rate by paying a small lumpo sum to reduce the interest rate.

How to Sell Your House in a Buyer’s Market

Here are five details to focus on while you prepare your house to sell in a buyer’s market:

  • Pricing
  • Staging
  • Marketing
  • Showings
  • Attitude Adjustment

Zillow enters mortgage business

Why is representation so important in a real estate transaction?

 Real estate agents ramp-up political activism as state economy, housing market flounder

Transfer on death deeds pass real estate outside of probate…in Texas.

6 Real Estate Prospecting Ideas to Help You Get New Clients

Cooling market is good news for first-time homebuyers

5 Important Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Will My Real Estate Agent Know Anything About The Title To The Home?

Housing market changes affecting homebuyers and sellers

Smaller sign proposal irks real estate brokers

Millennials don’t want to buy Boomers’ sprawling, multi-bedroom homes

Home Buyers See Recession as Likely, but It’s Not Stopping Them

Facebook VS. HUD: Real Estate Discrimination

Real estate Q&A: How can sellers protect their money?…Do you have fear of losing your proceeds at your next closing?

HousingWire expands coverage to serve real estate agent community

How To Use Social Media For Real Estate

FHA getting a bit too risky…“We have continued to endorse loans with more and more credit risk,” said FHA’s Chief Risk Officer Keith Becker. “We felt that it was appropriate to take some steps to mitigate the risks we’re seeing.”


Five things to avoid in a real estate transaction

  • Forgetting that it’s not about you
  • Putting yourself second
  • Exceeding your limits
  • Meeting in the middle
  • Losing sight of the goal

Homebuyers face far fewer bidding wars as the housing market cools off… Just 16 percent of buyer offers written by real estate brokerage Redfin during the first three weeks of March faced a bidding war.Last year, it was 6 in 10. null

Want to sell your home? Hurry up and list it next week

Dear Monty: Can you trust your real estate agent?

Best Real Estate Scripts for New Agents

Best Real Estate Scripts for New Agents

What Does A Real Estate Attorney Do For Buyers?…Try….Title Insurance Commitment and Outstanding Leins & Tax Issues???

Technology is transforming commercial real estate….Data, analytics and IT infrastructure;AI and smart technology; Tech-savvy building design;
Drones ; and The sharing economy and PropTech.

Real estate agents say housing market is favoring buyers

Real Estate Tip of the Week: How to Work with InvestorsVocabulary; Goals; Priorities; Research; and Resources

Where 20-Somethings Actually Buy Homes: The 10 Hottest Cities for Young Millennials

Understanding how your property taxes are calculated…they are backed into determined by the tax funds they need to run the local governmental authority.

Why Home Buyers Should Hire a Professional

What Does A Real Estate Attorney Do For Buyers?

5 documents home buyers need to prepare before meeting a real estate agent( if you also add all the myths/beliefs about real estate and real estate agents).

The real estate transaction is broken. Tech companies want to fix it… Has tech-world “disruption” finally come for the cumbersome process of buying and selling a home? Algorithm-driven home-flipping companies like Opendoor, along with strategic shifts by major companies like Zillow and consolidations across the industry, seem to say yes.

The ultimate guide to selling your home without a real estate agentAdvice for selling without a realtor…Even if you’re selling without a realtor, you’ll still need to hire a lawyer to seal the deal. You’ll also need a lot of know how.

Housing market trends are stifling the jumbo mortgage market…But now, recent trends taken a toll on the jumbo market, causing volume to fall 12% in the last year, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. This outpaces the decline of the overall mortgage market by 5%.

There are too many big houses on the market, and it’s a problem…“These days, buyers of all ages eschew the large, ornate houses built in those years in favor of smaller, more-modern looking alternatives, and prefer walkable areas to living miles from retail,” the WSJ noted.

The real estate transaction is broken. Tech companies want to fix it

Real Estate Advice: More tips for first-time home buyers

5 Reasons Millennial Real Estate Investors are on the Rise

As the Housing Market Shifts to Favor Buyers, This Remains the Biggest Hurdle

Dallas ranks as the hottest spot for millennial homebuying

7 Smart Real Estate Investing Tips, Tricks & Traps You Should Know

Real estate firms accused of ‘conspiring’ to overcharge home sellers in class-action suit

Once Considered Inferior, Automated Appraisals Are Helping Stem Default Risk
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (the GSEs) have adopted automated valuation models (AVMs) which use mathematical modeling, drawing on a huge database of recent transactions complete with property characteristics, to generate an estimated sales price.

Builder Confidence Holds Steady After Recovering From 2018 Lows… NAHB says affordability still remains a key concern for builders. The skilled worker shortage, lack of buildable lots and stiff zoning restrictions in many major metro markets are among the challenges builders face as they strive to construct homes that can sell at affordable price points.

Federal budget (in Canada) offers first-time home buyers a break with $1.25 billion in mortgage relief…The real estate industry has been pleading with the government to do something to help younger buyers shut out of markets in cities such as Toronto and Vancouver

Part 3: Renting Vs. Buying. How Important Is Owning A Home?

Are You Ready to Buy Your First Home?

Here are five important things to consider and questions this generation can ask themselves to figure it out:

  • Money matters.
  • How long you plan to live there.
  • Timing.
  • The online marketplace.
  • Expert advice.

The lawyers who took on Big Tobacco are aiming at Realtors and their 6% fee
The suit was filed in Chicago on behalf of anyone who sold a home through one of 20 of the largest listing services in the country over the past five years. It charges that the mighty Washington-based lobby National Association of Realtors, as well as the four largest national real estate brokerages, and the Multiple Listing Services they use, have conspired to require anyone selling a home to pay the commission of the broker representing their buyer “at an inflated amount,” in violation of federal antitrust law.

The first time most homebuyers ever see a real estate purchase contract is at the time of submission to make an offer. The standard contract Georgia realtors use is about 6-8 pages. If you can review a form before you make an offer, be sure to know what you are and are not obligated to do. Also, be sure to understand the dates and deadlines for each contingency and milestone in the contract and record those dates in your calendar. Ask a real estate professional

Why Property Tech Might Be the Next Frontier For Legal

Is Now the Time To Buy? Homebuyer’s Mortgage Watch – March 17, 2019

2 Agents Hold Threatening Intruder at Gunpoint in Listing

Real estate information provider sues over alleged data theft…CoStar sues over secretly selling CoStar login details.

Does this title reflect the actual story?….”How to Avoid the Next Real Estate Downturn”

Are these 7 tax tips and changes for property investors valid?

Real Estate Advice: Tips for first-time home buyers…save for a down payment…maybe get a Buyer Agent?

USGS report says half a million Californians, billions in coastal real estate at risk of flooding…maybe they built to close to the water to start with?

Next frontier in real estate technology

New home sales drop 7% in January as housing market gets off to slow start in 2019…New-home sales declined to a 607,000 annual rate in January, according to government report delayed by the partial 35-day federal shutdown earlier this year. That’s how many new homes would be sold for the full year if sales were the same each month.

Diana Olick: Don’t feel like you need marriage, kids before you buy a homeOlick: “I would say to young women, ‘Don’t feel you have to be married, kids, house in that order. It can be house, marriage, kids, or whatever combination you want it to be.’”

4 Tips for Real Estate Agents: How to use Nextdoor Polls

Besides…15 Best Real Estate Websites of 2019 For Buying And Investing In Properties

The housing market has a growing affordability problem, and here’s why? Due to lack of resale inventory and insufficient construction of new housing, housing price growth outpaced income growth in recent years.

SmarterAgent sues HomeAway over patent infringement

Water damage is a growing problem in older homes…Flooding is becoming a major problem in older homes, but not because of inclement weather conditions. Instead, faulty pipes and valves, worn out hoses in washing machines, and poorly maintained connections to appliances that use water are to blame.

Mortgage Rates Drop to New 14-Month Lows …Finally, the 10yr Treasury auction is a good gauge of demand for bonds.  Higher demand for bonds means lower rates.  The results of the auction were strong, which led to bond market improvement in the afternoon.  After a certain amount of bond gains, mortgage lenders will typically reissue their rates for the day (with better terms, as was the case this afternoon).

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Neighborhood
Important establishments-Amenities-Outdoor activities-Public transportation-Entertainment options-Crime rate-Family friendly options

Buyers Finally Get the Upper Hand in Hottest U.S. Housing Markets

NAR Slams Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, Defends REALTOR® Value agents are no longer worth their present commission fees because “most buyers do the work themselves, spending months on the internet identifying attractive neighborhoods and homes before calling a real estate agent simply to open the door.

NAR and Real Estate Brokerages face Class Action Lawsuit-National Association of Realtors (NAR) and four prominent real estate brokerage firms—Warren Buffett’s HomeServices of America, Keller Williams, Realogy and RE/MAX. The lawsuit charges NAR and the companies with violating the Sherman Act by only allowing listing brokers to list a property on an MLS if the listing broker makes a unilateral, non-negotiable offer of compensation on the MLS to buyer brokers. Real estate brokers cannot disclose from disclosing commissions offered on MLS, the lawsuit adds, and also allows brokers to take both buyer and seller commissions, if the buyer is not represented by a broker.

Three Important Pieces Of News You May Have Missed About Real Estate InvestingA cap in the mortgage interest deduction; sole proprietor, partnership, LLC or S-corp, you should be able to deduct up to 20% of your qualified business income; and Real estate depreciation rules are more favorable than ever

Millennial homebuyers shop for homes in South Florida

REAL ESTATE MATTERS: Should family member charge for selling mother’s house?…It all depends on alot of factors…and you can reach an agreement between the agent, broker, and homeowner that would be fitting.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage : Private Investors Encroach on Fannie and Freddie’s Domain…another bubble brewing? About 45% of mortgages originated in the January-to-September period last year went into Fannie and Freddie securities, according to the Urban Institute, a think tank. At its most recent peak in 2008, that proportion was 65%. Amherst Pierpont estimated that about 10% of Fannie- and Freddie-eligible loans issued in September 2018 could be more cheaply pooled into private-label deals.

13 Things Real Estate Agents Don’t Want You to Know

Appraiser of famous murder sites

House Bill 346 is sponsored by Rep. Sharon Cooper (R-Marietta) would prevent landlord retaliation in Georgia

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Mortgage Lender: Do You Know Them All?

Real estate investing: How much do you need to get started?
Cash needs for real estate investing
Seller contributions
Co-buyers and co-borrowers
Private lenders
Assume financing
Secondary financing

The No. 1 Thing Millennials Hate About Their Home Is Not What You’d Expect…no landlord they can call to “fix things.”

How “Amazon HQ2” Might Impact Real Estate… Property database curator ATTOM Data Solutions looked at a potential addition of 25,000 high-wage jobs in New York’s Long Island City neighborhood, and concluded that the move would have indeed provided real estate investors with new opportunities.

Find out the real value of your house, for free… is very easy to use. Select Sell, enter your complete address, and then, Get Estimate. This site offers a cool feature. You can see potential profit or losses by breaking down several factors, such as the sale price minus real estate agent commission, or the balance owed on your mortgage.

Housing and The Economy: Are we already in a recession?Escalating Home Prices: A recipe for disaster for some and a spending frenzy for others?According to the National Association of Realtors, existing home sales were down about 10% in December from a year earlier

63% of millennial homeowners regret buying home: survey—-unexpected costs aren’t the only reasons for regret. Homeowners also say that bad location, high mortgage payments, and buying the wrong size home can cause them to think differently about their purchase.

Do Real Estate Lawyers Go To Court?… They should know how to go to court, they should not be going to court for the first time, and they should be comfortable at the courthouse.

The Importance Of Nurturing Essential Relationships For Real Estate Professionals… Networking is essential for business and personal growth.

You can now sell your Sacramento home with the click of a mouse. Who needs (listing) realtors anymore?

2019’s Property Taxes by State… The average American household spends $2,279 on property taxes for their homes each year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and residents of the 27 states with vehicle property taxes shell out another $440.

US housing market off to shaky start in 2019 amid price dip, sluggish construction… average home prices in cities across the country, rose 4.7% by the end of December, down from 6% the previous year—for 2018, new single-family home constructions grew 2.8% in 2018, down from 8.5% the prior year.

Number of homes being built drops to lowest level in over 2 years

Zillow as mortgage lender: Real estate giant going ‘further down the funnel’ of buying a house…Thousands of would-be home buyers looking for a mortgage will soon have a new option: Zillow Group.

Georgia Landlord-Tenant Handook…a guide to Georgi’a State Residential Rental laws.

Home Depot sales cool along with real estate market in the final quarter of the year, Home Depot fell short on profit, revenue and same-stores sales as rising real estate prices cast a chill over U.S. home sales.

What is a market appraisal? It is important to note that any market appraisal is not a proper valuation. They can’t be used with any prospective lenders to establish the market value of your property.

Real Estate Advice: Don’t go for interest-only mortgage… After the first few, say five, years the interest on the loan, which is higher to start with, rises and your payments soar because you now have to cover not only the interest, but also the principal, at a rate that will retire the loan over the remainder of the 30-year term.

Energy Efficient Mortgage Program…careful how simple this spunds…FHA’s Energy Efficient Mortgage program (EEM) helps families save money on their utility bills by enabling them to finance energy efficient improvements with  their FHA-insured mortgage.

Let FHA Loans Help You…straight from the HUD.GOV website…FHA loans have been helping people become homeowners since 1934. How do we do it? The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) – which is part of HUD – insures the loan, so your lender can offer you a better deal.

5 Big Reasons to Sell Your Home This Year (Because It Could Get Tougher)

REAL ESTATE MATTERS: Should you fix up a home or sell ‘as is’?…Answer: Depends on the market and costs to fix up…

Mortgage Rates Only Slightly Lower Despite Strong Bond Market

View a Current Brochure/Application for Old Republic Home Warranty

It may be a few years old, but this still applies today…Insurance company cancels policies for Atlas Chalet roofs

I Just Became A Self-Employed Real Estate Agent — What Does This Mean for My Taxes?…Instead, you receive commission income, and at the end of the year, your broker provides a Form 1099-Misc, rather than a W-2. From a tax standpoint, that changes everything.

Two more real estate investors, nine total, sentenced to prison for bid-rigging conspiracy…the two were each sentenced Thursday to serve four months in prison, with Vaughan receiving a fine of $20,000. Both defendants were ordered to pay restitution by U.S. District Judge Louis Guirola Jr.

Moving To A 55 and Older Community: Is It Right For You?…Some benefits…Social club, Security, No one under 55 allowed, and HOA null

What ‘PITI’ means for a home buyer…Hint (Principal, Interest, Tames, Insurance…don’t forget sometimes there’s Private Mortgage Insurance.)

Low Rates and Strong Jobs Numbers Bolster Builder Confidence

Real Estate Agent Fees: Who Pays the Bill?

How Do I Find My Property Lines?…Even if your property doesn’t have visible corner markers, you may be able to go hunting for those buried markers with a metal detector. The metal poles, often made of rebar, can be buried up to 10 inches below the surface. Use a metal detector until it indicates metal is there, then dig to be sure what you’ve found is the marker.

Slowest home sales in over three years could help buyers this spring

Mortgage Rates Near Long-Term Lows After Fed Minutes

Despite interest rate approach, real estate ticking onward….mortgage rates are about where we were at a year ago

How to Invest in Real Estate Without Buying Property… Well, you can do it with real estate investment trusts. (REITs)

Adelaide school zone changes have parents worried about real estate prices (Hint: Most people bu homes for two major reasons – close to good schools and close to work)

Millennial Trends Re-defining Real Estate… How do you think the aspirations and dreams of millennials will shape the future of real estate?

U.S. Housing Inventory Trends Now Favor Buyers in 2019… According to a new report by Zillow, after falling for nearly four consecutive years, housing inventory has turned a corner, growing on an annual basis in four of the past five months. U.S. for-sale home inventory grew 1.2% year-over-year. There were 19,455 more homes for sale nationwide in January compared to a year earlier.

Fed Shift and Postponed Data

The housing market data released in January indicated that sales activity tapered off near the end of 2018. In December, sales of previously owned (existing) homes unexpectedly fell 6% from November and were 10% lower than a year ago. Overall, 2018 was the weakest year for home sales since 2015, as the effects of rising mortgage rates, high home prices, stock market volatility, and the government shutdown were felt late in the year.

What to do if your house doesn’t sell

  • Does it Make the Best First Impression?
  • Does it Appeal to The Target Market?
  • Can Buyers Visualize Living in This Home?
  • Are Key Features Highlighted?
  • Are Key Features Highlighted?

Homebuyer Assistance Programs Under Review — HUD says it’s time to investigate down payment assistance programs.

Put these discounts on your calendar and treat a veteran!
2019 Veterans Day Free Meals, Discounts, Sales and Deals
Veterans Day 2019 will be on Monday, November 11th, 2019.

Local real estate agent fined over lead paint charge – (yeah, 2018 article but still applicable).

What Is My Home Worth? The Number Every Homeowner and Seller Should Know

Working with a professional real estate agent and some real estate terms and definitions

Estate Planning and Tax Evaluations… Tara Cuffney from Costner Law Firm joins Paul to discuss law and real estate.

Real Estate Tips: Essential Cybersecurity for Your Brokerage

  • Monitor your environment
  • Implement effective policies for the destruction and maintenance of data
  • Prevent account takeover and phishing
  • Review and update important financial processes
  • Never enter your login details on websites that don’t start with “https:”
  • Pay your attention to the language used in emails
  • Don’t click hyperlinks

Young homebuyers turn to parents for down payment…A recent study found that about 65% of people aged 18 to 34 expect to seek financial assistance from Mom and Dad in the purchase of their first home. What’s even more interesting is that a significant portion of these young home-buyers are not settling for starter homes, but are instead opting for larger homes they will “grow into.”

Massachusetts real estate company to build group homes across state… Group homes are small, residential facilities within a neighborhood that are designed to look like a home and serve people with developmental disabilities.

Home investor finds staircase booby-trapped with a knife…yet some scoff at real estate investors as scumbags…how about this previous homeowner…doesn’t he/she count as a scumbag?

Google to invest $13B in real estate across the US…The tech giant announced on Wednesday that it plans to spend more than $13 billion in data centers and offices across the U.S., including major expansions in 14 states.

One in five young homeowners delay retirement savings to buy real estate: survey

NAHB Takes a Detailed Look at First-Time and Trade-up Buyers

Who’s your real estate agent really working for? It’s important to know.

Modeling the Future: Restructuring the Secondary Mortgage Market…a better link here……here is a link to Mike Crapo’s 5 suggestions:

  • Private companies as guarantors for the timely repayment of principal and interest to investors of eligible mortgages that are securitized through a platform operated by Ginnie Mae.
  • Changing the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s (FHFA’s) structure to run it as a bipartisan board of directors instead of a single Director to charter, regulate, and supervise the guarantors
  • Utilizing Ginnie Mae to guarantee timely repayment of principal and interest on securities that receive credit enhancement from guarantors that are approved and regulated by the FHFA
  • Putting a cap on the percentage of all outstanding guaranteed eligible mortgages that a guarantor is permitted within a stipulated timeline as well as ensuring a timeline within which all guarantors are required to be fully capitalized after the enactment of the legislation
  • Replacing the current affordable housing goals and duty-to-serve requirements with a new Market Access Fund which will provide grants, loans, and credit enhancements to address the homeownership and rental housing needs of the underserved and low-income communities

Family calls out Zillow over real estate mistake…Zillow corrected it once they became aware of issue.

County Treasurer’s Family Bought Tax-Foreclosed Real Estate…conflict of interest?

Florida housing market tanking?

NAR’s Proposal to Restructure Fannie/Freddie

Real Estate Agents are now taking measures to protect themselves from armed criminals

Concierge Auctions facing accusations of fraudulent bids

Should seniors take the rap for the gap in homeownership by millennials?

How to Report Fraud in Georgia…mortgage, banking, health, etc…

How to Avoid Taxes on Canceled Mortgage Debt… There are, however, exceptions and exclusions that may save you from the requirement to report canceled debt as part of your income.

This startup just raised $5 million to automate the clunky real estate appraisal process… Cushman & Wakefield is now using the startup’s technology to automate and optimize the entire appraisal process, allowing its appraisers to provide multi-family valuation services (meaning for apartment complexes) at a much larger scale for the first time.

Seniors Seeking Roommates: ‘Golden Girls,’ Please Apply

What’s old is new and borrowed isn’t blue hair ladies…it’s the golden girls…even though this is a 2+ year old story doesn’t mean it has stopped working… Senior housing organizations across the nation are reporting a surge in demand from the young and old alike to move into the spare rooms of lonely and often lower-income elderly homeowners.

Here’s why the housing market, while still risky, won’t be all bad for buyers in 2019…because the economy relies on people buying houses and you want to continue to hype it for home buyers???

Local real estate agent fined over lead paint charge…A local real estate broker who failed to tell a client about lead paint in a home was sentenced to time served, a $1,000 fine and restitution of $53,326.

Rising tides, falling property values?

Sample Home Electrical Safety Checklist…includes outlets, chords, fixtures, appliances, etc.

Homebuyer Assistance Programs Under Review…maybe…HUD IG is not investigating these programs…which means they are ignoring fraud.

What do you do if your house doesn’t sell?

Does this still apply about a year later???MBA Tech: Here are the biggest cybersecurity threats to mortgage companies right now… Among the worst things that could happen? A ransomware attack.

Shrinking down payments, millennial demand transforming real estate

Don’t buy into the hype over a pending real estate crash

Everything You Need to Know About a Pending Home Sale

Choosing a real estate agent

Opinion: How to invest in real estate and pay nothing in capital gains because of this new tax break

Could Amazon break into real estate by buying Redfin?

These are the worst cities to live in America. Is yours one of them?…and is this offensive to you if you live in one of them?

Real estate Q&A: I have a reverse mortgage — can I still sell my house… However, if your home is worth more than the mortgage balance, that extra amount, known as your equity, belongs to you or your heirs. If the balance tips the other way and the loan is more than your home’s value, you or your heirs will have to turn over the house, but will not be responsible for any extra.

Real-estate websites want to buy straight from homeowners. But is it really a good deal?… Opendoor and Offerpad bought more than 500 homes in Orange County, Fla., alone last year, according to an Orlando Sentinel analysis of transactions. Opendoor said it now represents about 3% of all sales in the Orlando market and is the largest seller making payments to real estate agents.

Real Estate Advice: Think about the ‘five-year rule’ when buying a home… closing costs and real estate commissions required to buy and sell real estate will consume an estimated 7-15% of a home’s value.

Unconventional Mortgages Predicting Housing Crisis? Unlikely, Experts Say… [Unconventional mortgages] allow for lower income ratios, higher debt-to-income ratios and alternative ways to come up with income for a loan (e.g., 12-month bank statements or even using assets to derive more income via formulas)…you know, otherwise risky borrowers leading to more defaults!

Troubleshooters; Real Estate Deal Goes Bad, Buyer Still Waiting for Refund…here’s where a contract or a real estate agetn or attorney could have helped initially.

To sell a home fast, here’s what to focus on, real estate experts agree

Aging-in-Place Trend Contributing to Tight Inventories…Freddie Mac’ research finds that today’s seniors (persons born after 1931) are staying in their homes longer, and aging in place.  While Millennials have historically low rates of homeownership the rates among seniors are high relative to previous generations.

Former tenants share horror stories of renting from real estate investment firm Invitation Homes

Women in real estate still facing challenges… ‘female-dominated’ in that they make up most of the workforce – 63% of Realtors …

Real Estate Tip of the Week: Wire Fraud — Internet Crime Compliant Center saw a 480% increase in the number of complaints filed last year in the real estate industry.

Land Prices – 2019 January- FHFA information

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home to Start Now…like tackle the little projects.

Real estate expert explains furniture free living.  Question: Is it true that there are some people who advocate living in a “furniture free” environment?  Source:

Home Buyers Can Rejoice While Sellers Sweat for This Important Reason…sellers need to be prepared to lower their prices.

Alleged real estate fraud targeted elderly LA-area victims… Prosecutors have now filed 162 felony counts against a Los Angeles woman who allegedly bilked millions of dollars from elderly property owners and others through real estate and financial fraud.

Here’s How Much Real Estate Agents Earn In Every State…As of January 2019, the average annual earnings for real estate sales agents was $41,289, according to How much money real estate agents make per year, however, depends on several of factors, such as number of real estate transactions, and commission fees.

Real estate pro, victim of hackers, warns public after losing $25k in online theft… She thought she had been talking with a title loan representative until she noticed a one-letter difference in the emails she’d been sending and receiving.

Appraisal Threshold for Residential Real Estate Loans. The Appraisal NPR (Notice of Proposed Rulemaking) proposes to increase the threshold for residential real estate transactions requiring an appraisal from $250,000 to $400,000. Evaluations would be required for transactions exempted as a result of the proposed threshold.

Agents and Brokers: Here’s What You Need to Know Ahead of Tax Season.

Home office expenses, such as printer paper and ink, and internet costs
Costs relating to commuting and driving clients around, including auto insurance, maintenance and repairs, as well as gas mileage, parking and new car or leased car costs
Business travel-related costs, such as airfare, meals and lodging
Expenses related to marketing, such as signs and flyers for open houses and mailings, as well as website development and maintenance
Real estate education-related expenses such as coaching and training

Home-Price Growth Continues to Slow…The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller National Home Price Index, which measures average home prices in major metropolitan areas across the nation, rose 5.2% in the year ending in November, down from a 5.3% increase reported in October.

New real estate technology allows closings to occur in 3 days or less…The entire process from when you release the property until the closing can all be done on one platform.

MBA Tech: Here are the biggest cybersecurity threats to mortgage companies right now

Ransomware and wire fraud are low-hanging fruit for criminals

Mortgage Applications Down Slightly, are Rates to Blame?… mortgage loan application volume decreased 3.0%

Realtors Expect Pending Sales to Improve in 2019… Yun says despite the low home sales in December, he is confident that the housing market will see improvement in 2019. “The longer-term growth potential is high.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Report

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, also the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director, testified before the House Financial Services Committee … on C-Span 4-11-2018

4 Real Estate Investing Strategies: Which One is Right for You?  

  • Fix and Flipping
  • Wholesaling
  • Creative real estate investing
  • Buy and hold

Who controls the data that fuels real estate deals?…One of the elements of the arrangement was increased access to data from local and regional multiple listing services for nontraditional real estate brokerages, which has helped propel the growth of online portals like Redfin, Zillow and Trulia.

Zillow branching out from real estate data, providing home estimates, to flipping property in Denver…The real estate data giant is now purchasing home in six cities: Phoenix, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Denver, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham.

Treasury, IRS Give Big Win to Real Estate Professionals in Qualified Business Income Rule

WASHINGTON (January 22, 2019) – Late last week, the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service issued final regulations regarding the new 20 percent deduction on qualified business income. As Americans begin preparations for the 2018 tax filing season, real estate professionals have been uncertain about the true impact of the 2017 Tax Cuts and … Continue reading Treasury, IRS Give Big Win to Real Estate Professionals in Qualified Business Income Rule

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How to Seal or Repair Cracks in Concrete Floors & Walls…different methods and materials.

Real Estate Round-Up: Sellers can succeed in a buyers’ market… The current trend California is experiencing is not the jubilant sellers’ market it enjoyed the first half of 2018

NAR: Real Estate Pros Get Big Win in Tax Qualified Business Income Rule

Real Estate Radio Hour weekly real estate radio program on air.

More Buyers Turning to ARMs to Achieve Ownership …the share of ARMs reached 9.2%

Real Estate Settlement Services Industry Needs Technology-Driven Efficiencies.

House-flipping is down, Wall Street Journal frets. If the speculative bubbles deflate naturally and gradually, there is much less risk of a recession or worse. The more speculators who get into the market for anything, the worse it is for the public who would like to buy a house without chasing the market.

An Eye on Real Estate Closings

The Supreme Court of Georgia found that “when a closing lawyer purports to act merely as a witness” they are in violation of Georgia’s ethical rules governing attorneys.

O.C.G.A 15-19-53 states:  …nothing contained in this Code section shall  authorize any person, corporation, or voluntary association other than an attorney at law to express, render, or issue any legal opinion as to the status of the title to real or personal property.

5 Steps to Take When You’re Ready to Sell Your House

Pricey Real Estate Prompts Scammers To Target Senior Homeowners

Why the Best Real Estate Deals are not in the MLS

Anyways, the off-market real estate is where the game is played and if you want to be taken as a serious investor, then you need to have a conduit to these deals.

Six Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips Every REALTOR® Should Know

  • Discover the Many Faces of Facebook
  • Master the Minimalist Approach on Twitter
  • Get Visual on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube
  • Connect with Professionals on LinkedIn
  • Keep Up with the New Kids on the Block
  • Check Your Social Media Metrics

New Home Sales Pull Back Amid Global Uncertainty – Conventional loans accounted for 69.5%; FHA loans 17.3% ; and VA loans made up 12.5% share in December

EXCLUSIVE: Shady real estate clan at center of New York City’s plan to convert homeless apartments into affordable housing

So, Democratic Mayor DeBlasio was ready to give the go ahead to slum landlords until someone more intelligent started asking questions.

Zillow Begins Buying and Selling Homes in Denver

Denver is the fourth market where Zillow now directly buys homes, prepares them for showings and quickly lists them for resale. Zillow Offers is currently available in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Atlanta, and will launch in two North Carolina markets – Charlotte and Raleigh – this winter.

How to protect yourself in a real estate transaction

Investors Are Now Building Houses Rather Than Buying Them

5 Steps to Take When You’re Ready to Sell Your House

Post #1: Feds significantly expand investigation into all-cash real estate deals .

Post #2: San Diego leads the nation with the most home price reductions this year.

How Will Increasing Adoption of Cryptocurrency Affect Real Estate?

Post #: How To Capture The Millennial Market As A Real Estate Agent.

MBA Revives Income Verification During Govt Shutdown

Text messages become common management tool

Millennials Are About to Get Locked Out of the Real Estate Market—Again

Where Opportunity Zones stand, heading into 2019

Opportunity Zones allow investors to obtain massive tax advantages if they invest capital gains—money made on the sale of assets like a home, a business, or a piece of art—into “distressed” areas of the country where the post-financial crisis recovery passed by.

Real estate bounces back amid economic turmoil

Contracts every agent should know about…

2019 a buyer’s market for real estate as millennials buckle down: Trulia

Contracts Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

Real-estate agents say government shutdown is impacting the housing market

But there are other factors at work as well: some 17%, for instance, reported a closing delay due to a USDA loan, 13% reporting a delay due to IRS income verification and 9% reported a closing delay due to a hang up for their FHA loan, all showing the outsized role the federal government plays in the housing market.

U.S. Real Estate: A Bearish Take

Georgia Family Says They Returned From Vacation to Find Stranger Living in Home

Three Things Real Estate Agents Can Do To Compete With iBuyers

Falling Mortgage Rates Raise Hopes for Battered Housing Market

Opinion: Why the housing and mortgage crisis is far from over

National Radon Action Month: Increase Awareness in Real Estate to Save Lives

As housing costs remain high, parents buy homes to give their kids a leg up

Parents who can afford to help their children are not standing idly by as housing costs have increased. Around 8% of millennials who are no longer in school get help from their parents on the monthly rent, according to a March report from Apartment List.

Mortgage Strategies for Today’s Competitive Real Estate Market

“One option clients have taken advantage of is the J.P. Morgan Pledged Asset Mortgage” This mortgage strategy allows clients to pledge assets in their J.P. Morgan portfolios in lieu of a cash down payment. With the securities and home as collateral, borrowers may qualify for up to 100% financing. “We’re seeing a number of clients turn to the Pledged Asset Mortgage as part of their estate planning strategy,” adds Mr. Stewart.

Real Estate Radio Hour

Our hosts use this weekend before the holiday to slow things down and take your questions on the real estate industry.

Bitcoin vs. Real Estate: Who Will Win In 2019?

It looks like this year could be a buyer’s market for real estate as higher rates weigh on prices

Mortgage company mergers and acquisitions in 2018

Kansas City couple loses $130K in down payment scam

A couple from Kansas City, Missouri, recently lost a massive $130,000 down payment in a money wire scam that’s becoming increasingly prevalent in real estate transactions.

First-time homebuyers will continue to struggle in 2019, Redfin CEO predicts

The housing market is slowing as would-be buyers struggle with rising borrowing costs and a persistently low number of properties on the market.

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