2019 Real Estate News from Access Brokerage

Post #1: Feds significantly expand investigation into all-cash real estate deals .

Post #2: San Diego leads the nation with the most home price reductions this year.

How Will Increasing Adoption of Cryptocurrency Affect Real Estate?

Post #: How To Capture The Millennial Market As A Real Estate Agent.

MBA Revives Income Verification During Govt Shutdown

Text messages become common management tool

Millennials Are About to Get Locked Out of the Real Estate Market—Again

Where Opportunity Zones stand, heading into 2019

Opportunity Zones allow investors to obtain massive tax advantages if they invest capital gains—money made on the sale of assets like a home, a business, or a piece of art—into “distressed” areas of the country where the post-financial crisis recovery passed by.

Real estate bounces back amid economic turmoil

Contracts every agent should know about…

2019 a buyer’s market for real estate as millennials buckle down: Trulia

Contracts Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

Real-estate agents say government shutdown is impacting the housing market

But there are other factors at work as well: some 17%, for instance, reported a closing delay due to a USDA loan, 13% reporting a delay due to IRS income verification and 9% reported a closing delay due to a hang up for their FHA loan, all showing the outsized role the federal government plays in the housing market.

U.S. Real Estate: A Bearish Take

Georgia Family Says They Returned From Vacation to Find Stranger Living in Home

Three Things Real Estate Agents Can Do To Compete With iBuyers

Falling Mortgage Rates Raise Hopes for Battered Housing Market

Opinion: Why the housing and mortgage crisis is far from over

National Radon Action Month: Increase Awareness in Real Estate to Save Lives

As housing costs remain high, parents buy homes to give their kids a leg up

Parents who can afford to help their children are not standing idly by as housing costs have increased. Around 8% of millennials who are no longer in school get help from their parents on the monthly rent, according to a March report from Apartment List.

Mortgage Strategies for Today’s Competitive Real Estate Market

“One option clients have taken advantage of is the J.P. Morgan Pledged Asset Mortgage” This mortgage strategy allows clients to pledge assets in their J.P. Morgan portfolios in lieu of a cash down payment. With the securities and home as collateral, borrowers may qualify for up to 100% financing. “We’re seeing a number of clients turn to the Pledged Asset Mortgage as part of their estate planning strategy,” adds Mr. Stewart.

Real Estate Radio Hour

Our hosts use this weekend before the holiday to slow things down and take your questions on the real estate industry.

Bitcoin vs. Real Estate: Who Will Win In 2019?

It looks like this year could be a buyer’s market for real estate as higher rates weigh on prices

Mortgage company mergers and acquisitions in 2018

Kansas City couple loses $130K in down payment scam

A couple from Kansas City, Missouri, recently lost a massive $130,000 down payment in a money wire scam that’s becoming increasingly prevalent in real estate transactions.

First-time homebuyers will continue to struggle in 2019, Redfin CEO predicts

The housing market is slowing as would-be buyers struggle with rising borrowing costs and a persistently low number of properties on the market.

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