Sex Offenders in Georgia

21 men arrested in football-themed child sex sting

Cobb DA Reynolds to Head GBI… It’s true that Reynolds has focused on gang prosecutions. He targeted sex trafficking, as well, pulling together different branches of law enforcement to carry out arrests and rescue victims.


1-13-2015: According to the GBI ( there are about 400 more sex offenders in Georgia as of 10-1-2014 than 7-1-2014.

10-7-2014: According to the GBI (as of 7-1-2014), there were approximately 25,000 registered sex offenders in Georgia (more or less – those who aren’t yet registered and those who have moved within the state and have not yet reported change of address).

3-6-2014: As of the date of this post, there are over 24,000 Georgia registered sex offenders, but the good new is only 19,000 have Georgia residences. The bad news is 5,000 an’t be accounted for….ooops!

Update 4-7-2012:    Georgia Governor Nathan Deal is asking (and planning to sign into law effective 7-1-2012) the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (who now maintains the state’s official database of registered sex offenders in Georgia) to assume duties of the current state board (under the Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities) of determining the threat level of each of the sex offenders.  Apparently, there is a 4,000 case backlog of reviews.  Reviews determine the relative level of possibility that the sex offender will repeat the crime.  A lower level is less likely to repeat an offense a a higher level.

Broker’s Comment:  What a heavy burden it is for the state to determine the threat levels of these criminals.  Can anyone know the thought in each person’s mind, especially at least 4,000 minds?

Source:  Marietta Daily Journal, Saturday 4-7-2012, Page B1


There are a few websites that were designed to help locate sex offender living in Georgia.

As of 1/1/2011, Georgia had about 19,269 registered sex offenders.  But I understand that there may be many other unregistered sex offenders.

This is the Official Georgia website (10-7-2014) to search:

Another possible, but unofficial website:

Here is the national sex offender website:

As a potential resident in certain areas, you are obligated to perform due diligence to discover information about the areas you plan to live.  I hope his information answers some questions.

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