Buying a home – Is it a good investment?

Update 12-28-2014: According to this WJ article, less than 4% annual pre-inflation appreciation and selling costs don’t make it an attractive one although you do eventually own the asset or have “some” equity.

God only knows how sometimes frustrating and often strenuous home mortgage/home hunting/purchasing is on your system – but hey, it’s a major purchase and you should take some time to evaluate as many aspects of a home purchase as you can including asking yourself – is it all worth it? Here’s some info on the stress levels and reducing it.

After reading the CBS article about a home being a poor investment, one has to wonder.

Sure there are mortgage interest payments, some of which but not all, you “may” be able to take as itemized deductions from your income taxes – but I’ve seen information that >60% that have mortgages don’t pay enough or have enough interest payments to have any extra deductions.

Yes and you are paying yourself back of the principal amount you borrowed a little each time you make a mortgage payment and pay yourself back a little, but how much of that savings goes toward painting; decorating; furnishings; repairing or replacing roof, HVAC, water heater, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, appliances, etc.; landscaping; and other expenses before you decide to move a few years down the road and try to ell the house for at least more than your loan balance so you don’t need to cough up any money at closing?

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