College tuition – is it “currently” worth the rising cost?

A recent article in the January 4-5, 2014 Wall Street Journal on page C1 stated some figures:

  • Almost a 7.5% increase in college tuition costs from 1978-2011.
  • Today’s average student debt is over $29,000
  • 40% of college grads work in jobs they didn’t need college education or training

Parents are beginning to object and college student enrollment is declining.

Will students need to choose more practical degree, cheaper community or 4 year colleges, or skip college and learn a trade?

Will colleges have to prove their effective graduate placement and income performance?

Will all states need to disclose college spending similar to Oregon’s transparency website?

I agree with the conclusion of the article – this rise in tuition costs can’t go on forever – something has to give!

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