Georgia Real Estate Agents have to prove they’re legal citizens

Georgia House Bill 87 on Immigration passed in 2011 and became effective on 7-1-2011. One new requirement: real estate agents now have to prove they are here legally when renewing or obtaining their real estate license.

One of the current State requirements to obtain a driver’s license is proof of US citizenship.

Last time I checked, most, if not all, licensed real estate agents have driver’s licenses.

Yes, it is absolutely stupid and it’s all thanks to our Republican controlled General Assembly. They wrote the bill before they knew what’s in it. Or never thought of the current requirements.

Bottom line: Hey Georgia General Assembly/Gov.Nathan Deal, please issue a waiver for real estate agents. At least those who get their driver’s license in the State of Georgia!

Muchas Gracias Amigos!

Driver’s License Requirements (pay attention to item #4) –

Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) “Lawful Presence Verification” FormĀ  –


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