LinkedIn – Is this useful or problem for real estate agents?

LinkedIn may be a wonderful employment networking tool and the one who dies with the most connections may win, but there are some words of caution as to who you link to because they may link to others who can see you or your contacts. Without that “connection, they may never know you exist, but once linked, they can see you and direct their advertising to you.

Hey agent, can I link to you and all your connections to get their business?

I am a little skeptical to allow all my competitors (i.e., all Real Estate Agents in the Metro Atlanta Real Estate Market…and for that matter all other realtors who may be linked to me through other contacts) to have access to those past, present and future clients I have worked with to help them with their real estate needs. (i.e., “Hey competitors, here’s people that may have a future need for “your” services too!“)

First,  my connections provide a little more information than normal to each and every other connection about each other. Why would I do that to expose people I know to more non-employment related contacts?

Second, if I link with another real estate agent in my market, it provides my inferred endorsement of that agent and their services.

Third, that agent (and any connection) is now on the same level as me and has access to every connection I have (including friends, family, and former clients) – think of the endless marketing opportunity for those agents and for anyone in the multi-level marketing business?

Fourth, if another agent needs to contact me, I am already on the list of the 28,000+ other agents in Georgia on the multiple listing services.  You can find me there.

Fifth, if there’s any late breaking news about any one agent’s business or business experience that would be of interest, I will eventually hear about it.

Sixth, I am already receiving unsolicited property alerts by agents who are on the same listing service I am and if I need to see the property or am looking in that area, I will find it.  I certainly don’t need another email to tell me something I already know.

Seventh, my clients don’t need to be emailed or contacted indirectly by a competitor agent who may say or write something contrary to what my client understands about any property decision they made.

Eighth, will my clients (or their co-workers) be bombarded with mail, email, or pieces of advertising at their workplace or will they be left alone?

Ninth, I really don’t want any more advertisements or advertising from real estate agents or their lenders or other spheres of influence (i.e., their connections) who send advertisements out to LinkedIn connections.

Tenth, whatever news about real estate you need is the local interest rate, your current and former clients, and availability of houses…those are the major factors any agent should be concerned with – not how many connections they get exposed to…

…but that’s just my opinion – maybe nothing to worry about????

5-20-2015: Here’s an Inman News Article promoting the benefits of a LinkedIn account

References to products and services are not a specific endorsement, but the user must perform their due diligence and investigate whether the product or service is right for them. I welcome any or all comments that would help others.

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