Toilet paper – shrinking roll – opportunity lost?

8-7-2018: Toilet paper: Bigger cardboard rolls, smaller sheets, same price.

3-26-2014: Independent research results from Consumer Reports verified my Toilet Paper Roll concerns –

ahhhh…literally, the last advertising wasteland…is shrinking before our eyes.

Not only from de-sheeting per the Wall Street Journal but….

Toilet paper manufacturers are losing at least 7.5 square feet of advertising space (4.125″ x 5″ per roll x 52 rolls/year) each year per person and not doing anything about it…

And year after year, the roll keeps getting a little shorter and therefore opportunity for advertising space is shrinking.

While pondering life’s problems in my family’s shared “man cave space/library”, I noticed that there was nothing printed on the cardboard at the end of the roll of toilet paper…

If soft drink manufacturers place codes inside their 12 pack cardboard containers, then why can’t toilet paper manufacturers place a message like “Is this your last roll?  Get some more – Now!” on the cardboard roll inside the paper roll?

Or a coupon for more from that same manufacturer or advertising for their latest product?

Or a crossword puzzle, Sudoku puzzle, or maybe a good joke or two?

Or perhaps poems; collectible sports team players or logos; sample SAT questions and answers; or lucky lotto numbers and a Confucius saying like a fortune cookie?

The possibilities are endless, but the roll of tissue isn’t.

So don’t forget to supply the cabinet..and put the lid back down when you’re through!

Source:  Creative time in the “library” 😉

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