Who’s your natural gas provider in Georgia?

Back in 1997, someone pushed through the Georgia General Assembly an idea (Natural Gas Competition and Deregulation Act) to have Georgia Natural Gas provide and maintain the natural gas lines, but separate companies are now billing for the gas you use.  Somehow that gave consumer the illusion of competition with different rates and costs.  So now, you can change your natural gas provider in Georgia. 

The real questions is:  Has this really improved competition and lowered prices for consumers, or not?

You can get a quote from any gas marketer by providing them the number of therms in a sample month and by giving them your premises demand (DDDC# – which reflects pipeline usage on the coldest day of the year) on your monthly statement.  Apparently, you may also switch gas marketers once without $7.50 penalty within a 12 month period, but can change thereafter more frequently for the charge.

This is the website of the Georgia Public Service Commission with respect to gas marketers including recent prices and consumer tips and possibly customer service and billing issues are rated – http://www.psc.state.ga.us/gas/pricecard.asp

References to products and services are not a specific endorsement, but the user must perform their due diligence and investigate whether the product or service is right for them. I welcome any or all comments that would help others.

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